Monday, March 14, 2016

The Genuflecting Nimrods and the Dunderhead Contingent from Nodwell Junction

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Spring is in the air and all the promise that spring brings is there in its potential as it is in every year. That much of the promise might fail to come into fruition has nothing to do with its capacity to do so. It is there for anyone who can synchronize themselves with the impetus for it to come into fulfillment.

Easter is right around the corner and it is a timeless testimony of the promise of Spring. It is the highest expression of this passing Piscean age. Perhaps that age has now passed. It is difficult to tell because so much of what has been the sequencing of business as usual, continues to parade before our eyes as... business as usual. The same mad hatters are rampaging across the landscape. The same litany of lies are being told and the same level of public awareness 'seems' to continue as the Dunderhead Contingent from Nodwell Junction. The genuflecting Nimrods bend to the will of the Morlocks who feed upon them and snarl at their liberators when they don't crucify them in fact.

I don't know what went on back in the day. I don't know how well the historical Jesus matches up with the literal Jesus. I don't know if the crucifixion was a crucifiction. I suspect that the crucifixion is an analogy for a condition that applies to every one of us who are resident on this plane. I suspect that the points of the cross are the four elements and we are all crucified between them. I believe that is the meaning of “pick up your cross and follow me.”

I watched an interesting film today that contained a powerful message. It was called “Walt before Mickey.” My god, he had some struggles. This is why I recommend that people read legitimate biographies about those of whom they are curious, or who have made significant contributions to life, be they good or ill. You come to understand that many of these people had to endure Sisyphean struggles and near insurmountable challenges. What separates them from the larger body of the rest of us is that they never gave up and in many cases, would not sacrifice their integrity and their ideals to the marketplace. Most everyone has heard of Nikolai Tesla by now but I wager very few know many of any of the details of his life. Most people have never even heard of Giordano Bruno or a host of figures from the past. Everyone knows who Kim Kardashian is while, most ironically, she does not.

Everyone knows who Oprah and Ellen are, even if Oprah and Ellen do not. They are powerful figures in the media who will be completely forgotten a very short time after they move on. To have a lasting impact on life, one must be the beneficiary of a lasting impact upon themselves. These days, the criteria for being monstrously influential upon the wider world has to do with whether one is permitted to be or not. It's a closed shop. It is true that some portion of fairly decent individuals are allowed a certain measure of influence and success for any one of a multitude of reasons but that exists and is sustained for only so long as they do not cross the margins into forbidden territory. It's true that some of us have had some modicum of success through youtube or Spotify or any number of venues where independence of expression is possible. Maybe that is enough for them and maybe not. Maybe something amazing will happen and maybe not. One thing for sure... success these days depends more on one's ability to be a whore than it does on hard work, though I think hard work is still required in most cases, even if the hard work consists only of pretending you enjoy having it visited upon you.

It is an ever present conundrum whether material success is everything or anything it cracks up to be. It is a certainty that it cracks up more often than not at some point. From what I have seen, material success may come or it may not but it is not a good direction of pursuit. It seems to me that the best direction is to seek to improve oneself or.. if you follow the other understanding about Self; that you seek to more fully be what you already are. Then if material success comes, you are in a position to handle it. Otherwise, if these concerns have been ignored, material success may still come but it will manifest as a significant curse, bringing with it various problematic conditions one never imagined previous to achieving it.

Easter is about resurrection. Resurrection, to me, is just one more proof of reincarnation. When people think of reincarnation they mostly focus on life in a series of appearances. The actual reality of reincarnation can be a lot like am Escher drawing. It might resemble a circle... or a helix... or a spiral, going in either direction. It might possess elements of all of these simultaneously. There is a dimensional effect as well. Does everything resurrect in a resurrection? I don't think so but that is just me.

When I think of Christ rising from the dead, following his strange journeys, in the brief hours between the supposed death and the resurrection; getting the keys to Hell and all that, I think of him ascending into the regions of light and at the same time drawing all souls after him. I see a passageway, a route created that exists in perpetuity for any and all. The definition of the main player may change. The names and images may change but the essence of the ageless interpretation of it will never change. When I think of it, I also think of, “many are called but few are chosen.' That is a cryptic statement that will bear fruit if given further and deeper inquiry.

Many are called? Few are chosen? What does that mean exactly? Common sense would say that everyone has this option but due to lack of personal initiative and the fear of the loss of useless things and dare I say... mysterious veils upon the eyes of pure reason, which probably accounts for Kant going blind and being mistaken for Milton but which left neither bereft of providing critiques upon what they couldn't see in the first place and visible digresses... nurse! My pain is getting worse. I feel; a song coming on. Okay... let''s put it this way, everyone is called but few choose themselves. Well, it ties right into something else that got said about there being one doctrine for the masses and another for initiates. Still with me?

As much as it can be said over and over that things are not what they seem, people go right on believing what seems and the people who manipulate appearances know all about this. It is a no brainer that the latest political orchestrations are being manifested by the latest controlled opposition and when you note that the players, or movie extras are all veterans of the opposition movement against the one percenters; meaning the Occupy Wall Street etc people, you are welcome to have all the flashbacks you want about the lack of legitimacy in practically any movement over recent times. It might come to pass that it turns out that just about everything is bogus and got put together ahead of time by the same people who have been in the smoke and mirrors business since before even David Rockefeller showed up. Question everything or... at the very least, look at even ancient things with new eyes, by which I mean that it never hurts to walk all the way around something, like the Acropolis and speculate about the possibility that everything you have been told is bullshit. You might want to walk around the pyramids as well AND you can be sure that certain people have already been down below the front paws of the Sphinx.

As much as a certain amount of the bad guys know a great deal about things that happened before certain elements of history never even got written about or did get written about and then got burned up at Alexandria, the good guys know even more about it and if they haven't been in touch with you to tell you about it there is a reason. You have to want to know and you have to be willing to accept the responsibility for knowing it and this latter feature is precisely the reason that far too many people don't know certain things because THEY DON”T WANT TO KNOW THEM. It isn't rocket surgery or brain science, which you can also learn but I don't recommend learning any of it from the people who are presently teaching these things because the real knowledge about all kinds of things is and has been suppressed for a good long time.

One might think this speaks to the power of the bad guys but the bad guys can only do what they are permitted to do for the purpose of demonstration. There is NEVER a time when the ineffable is not in control of everything... not ever and I don't care what it might look like. Appearances are deceiving. This is the basic nature of appearances but one force is behind all of them and it is in the essential being of that which precedes appearances where ones attention should be placed. It is not the movie happening on the screen that is important, it is the screen it is appearing on. Once the film ends the screen is still there.

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