Monday, April 04, 2016

There is No Way Out... only A Way In.

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People express their affections in various ways but most people, in the much larger mass, express them by degrees of the same way. It is understandable that someone might develop an attraction for Brazilian tree frogs. That it should become a powerful political movement is not understandable, unless the mass of the population have become so conditioned into being 'agreeable' that they lose all sense of proportion and accurate perspective. In the Bible it says, “where there is no vision, the people perish.”

Attraction and affection are two different things and Love is different than either, even though Love at its more primitive level may give birth to both attraction and affection, Love moves far and away beyond either of these. It's been said that 'god is love' and that Love created everything, including that which is not love for the purpose of everything being brought under the dominion of love. Of course, I don't remember anyone actually saying that but I believe it and I think I am probably paraphrasing. We all are at any point because everything that can be said has already been stated, as Ecclesiastes said, “there is nothing new under the sun. All things have been from of old.” I buy that. God knows I paid for it.

Love can never be fathomed in its totality or fully expressed but everything that could be said, has been said, except in those wordless transmissions between the potter and the vessels; between the creator and the created. In that zone, wonder upon wonder appears and transcends beyond anything that human consciousness is prepared for, so, in the manner of the ancients, one must become more than human in order to experience it. This is the way of ancient wisdom and that which fools call evolution through limited understanding... first the rock, then the plant, then the animal, then the human, then the God. Intelligence is the source and guidance system of creation and not the result of it and intelligence will always fail if it is not directed by Love. Love sees across spaces too large for the imagination to visualize or for the senses to behold. It is always out of reach and as a result, for informed souls, always to be pursued.

We don't know if anyone has reached it but we do know that they were no longer human if they did. Kundalini is the power of manifesting godhood. The tenets and truths of this are beyond the power of words, music or symbols to express. All that one can gather is that there are those who have passed through certain gateposts that their intensity and Love caused to open before them. Where they landed or arrived at after that is beyond description here.

This is why one notices in all true masters an abject and complete humility. They have recognized their limitations before the all being. The unfortunate condition of humanity in times like these is the priesthood and religions that they use for the purpose of material gain. Where is there a religion that attends through service and anonymity the greater good of all? Such a religion can only be found in the silent and hidden caverns of the heart. One's greatest journey is not completed by foot or ship or plane anywhere. It might involve that and it often does as in the tales of Theseus, Perseus and Ulysses. These are all allegories of those challenges mastered and those tests passed. It is internal and always will be.

On the outer planes it is all about pomp and circumstances and the accomplishment of individual glory. This is the cesspool of vanity in which so many souls drown or are trapped for whatever period the ineffable requires on the pathway to their understanding. The only way out of this cesspool is within and that is what contains so many in that hog lagoon of ignorance for so long. Eventually like over inflated bladders, these things and states explode as a result of their own efforts at self importance. How can anyone compete with the sun? The sun itself is only a material expression of the spiritual sun and the spiritual sun is only an idea in the mind of the ineffable.

Out here it goes from mystery to mystery and once unraveled one finds nothing. Within it goes from mystery to mystery and once unraveled, one finds something and it can be said that definitively what one finds is themselves. Then one gains the power to free and inform humanity and every other kingdom that might exist or come to mind or be created for the purpose of demonstration to that effect.

All we can do here is work through innuendo and inference. We have no other powers of any real importance and any power that any of us does have is conferred.

We have people coming around here and putting down everyone who gets mentioned from Stevie Wonder to Martin Luther King and from Gandhi to Alice Bailey. The people that do this, knowingly or unknowingly, work for the dark side, either as conscious agents or unconscious tools. Whether any one of these individuals that have been mentioned here have had flaws is something I am indifferent to. We all have flaws and as we have said some number of times; every master has a secret life of shame. I am less concerned about the flaws in any one life than I am the lack of performance. We all have handicaps but... do we overcome them or... do we go on despite them, doing our best ...or... do we fail to try? “The only failure is a failure to try.” If you don't give up you cannot fail. Did any of these people leave an inspired legacy of great thoughts and actions to consider? Did they leave good footprints? Are people's lives improved by hearing their words and experiencing their thoughts? I would say that is what counts.

Of course, people change costumes down here and people impersonate values and qualities they do not possess. Some people highly regarded in recent history are psychopathic monsters and some who are horribly defamed have served with honor and served well. You never get good press telling the truth; not in these times. That should never be one's consideration. The rewards to be gained on the manifest plane are temporary and less filling; like that beer commercial. The rewards elsewhere are far more lasting and also change you in a lasting way. To each their own I suppose. You are in a supermarket of the mind; you pick what attracts you or you pick what sustains you. That choice is made based on the nature of your appetites and aspirations. No one can make these choices for you unless you give them that power and that can be both terrible and miraculous. Some of us choose to give over our wills; it can be said but... in fact... all of us do, one way or another.

Some believe in what they can see and some believe in what they cannot see but all of us believe in something, even if that is nothing, it is still something because everything comes out of nothing... seemingly.

We try to cover all the places that can be covered in these postings. Sometimes that comes with an impression of anger, or passion or force and sometimes it runs over the waters of more lazy and meandering rivers. One cannot get the sense of it from any particular riverbank or any particular place on any particular water, unless one gets the awareness that the awareness of it all is within the water itself... just as memory is the most crucial of qualities because it is all about remembering and not about discovering. It is more about recovering and that is where the statements of 'be yourself' and 'know thyself'' comes from. That is where, “the kingdom of god is within you.” comes from.

It's been quite a ride. I hope you have enjoyed it. Don't let the sun go down on your disappointment and don't let it come up without you already being consumed in Love or determined to find it.

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