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Snorting Swaroski Crystal off of the Curve of a Perfect Ass.

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Greetings dear friends and welcome to Visible Origami where we make metaphysical figurines out of folded, twisted and shaped imaginary paper. We'd do the same with stained glass and Swaroski crystal but we don't have the experience or materials. Working in stained glass always intrigued me but you can't do everything.

I respect a certain number of spiritual teachers, I wish I could be even half as effective as some of them. I'm not a spiritual teacher but we are all laborers in this vineyard and like it or not, we all affect each other. We might as well have a positive effect and even if we are only partially successful at it, it's better than nothing at all. We are all given talents and as the parable teaches, we are expected to invest them. Alternatively, Yogananda advises that we ask the ineffable for a loan from his spiritual bank; “as above so below.” The ineffable will gladly do this. We get this loan and we pay back the principal with interest through the medium of our industry. This is all the ineffable wants from us, that we take this loan and convert it into action, even when action is sincere inaction (grin).

It is to be expected in a time of intense material darkness that spiritual teachers would appear who are not genuine and whose entire profile is all about the money. One of them that I know of makes awesome amounts of money and denies any interest in it. Something isn't right with this sort of thing. The comments really speak into the matter here.

Some of these are just weird but the money thing is the bottom line. There are a number of sites that seek to validate or expose teachers. I no longer know what to think about any of this but... one thing I do know is that when the acquisition of money becomes an expression of profane excess and the money does not freely circulate, you are looking at spiritual arteriosclerosis. The plague buildup is endemic of a form of anal retentiveness and it is an absolute bottom line thing for me. There is nothing wrong with money coming in. There is nothing wrong with money per se. There is a great deal wrong with money coming in and not going out. If you want to be a real teacher then whatever money flows in should have an unobstructed flow out. Your generosity must increase in proportion to your good fortune or it will not be good fortune.

This is no strange complexity, where there is an answer for everything and the more convoluted the better. If you are making tons of money and involved in high price seating, where the cost rises in direct proportion to the closer one is sitting to you, you really have to have a borderline intelligence to buy (literally) into this.

What many people do not get is that major intelligence services are involved in setting up the profiles of a great many of these new age clowns. Here is a clear statement concerning authenticity in spiritual matters; your assets and expenditures must flow easily in and out, without hindrance. You must serve at every level and you don't employ publicists who trumpet what a wonderful person you are because as it says in the Bible, “surely they have their reward.” You serve as you go along. You become like water and find the level of whatever it is you interplay with. You are not about image control because the image is already controlled by whatever is processing through it.

It mystifies me how people are taken in by stone cold materialists pretending to be spiritual. Things spiritual belong to the spiritual realm, things material belong to the material realm. Reach into your pocket and take out all your money and throw it up in the air. All that stays up is gods and all that comes down is mine.

Gurdjieff is an interesting fellow. I've not got a whole lot of interest in his Fourth Way devices because I am mostly right brain and his systems generally apply to the left brain. He said some interesting things though. He said, “No man should call himself a master until he can take care of at least 30 other people besides himself by his own industry.” I'm probably paraphrasing but it is close.

I've heard all kinds of statements about Gurdjieff; that he drank 24 shots of whiskey every day, that he was a clever and sometimes unscrupulous rug and curio merchant, that he tormented Ouspensky by coming up with all kinds of absurd mathematical formula because he thought Ouspensky was a poseur and a phony. I've heard this and I've heard that but I never met the guy. I thought his “Meetings with Remarkable Men” was great. The Beelzebub book and a few others just sailed right over my head and given the size of them you may be sure I ducked the same way I did when I had the Urantia Book thrown at me.

I know a lot of you are into the minutiae and you like all that Byzantine complexity. I do not. I believe in the simplicity of Love and Service. I believe in generosity of pocket and self. I believe in giving yourself away, each and every day and you will have yourself given back to you. I believe that no matter how crazy you may appear to be that there might be a method in your madness and true sanity is at the core of you. I believe you never ascend unless you have married yourself to the everlasting ascendant. I believe that the ineffable is intimately involved in every aspect of your life, no matter how seemingly insignificant it may appear to be. I believe that nothing you might gain and achieve here is worth the loss of the qualities of the almighty as they exist within you and whether it is a 'mess of pottage' or the consideration of “what profitteth a man to gain the whole world and lose his only soul.” It's all been said, even if it has yet to be understood.

There is nothing wrong with the intricate complexity of life if you are geared toward making sense of it; it you have the gene. I am a simple fellow and simplicity works best for me. Some people actually get something from Thomas Aquinas or Emmanuel Kant and some of us gravitate more toward Lao Tzu. We need to discover what we are in this regard. If it works for you, that is all that counts ...but sitting in front of people and droning on and on in a hypnotic monotone is not for me. For all I know, this works on some level. It just isn't the level I am on.

I believe in surrender and the awareness of an enduring not knowing. I believe in relying on something greater than myself and which will, through everlasting... always be greater. It is the lure that pulls us out of the waters of death. It is that upward magnetics that draws us through ever finer and finer kingdoms of being and ever more pervasive states of awareness. If you are attached to the author of all things, you are not required to think your way out of it. I recognize that for many people there is no satisfaction unless one can convince themselves they did it on their own. I do not believe this is possible.

A lot gets said here. It is to be understood that some portions of it will contradict other portions. Contradiction is a basic truth when you deal in words. It is impossible not to contradict yourself and that is why teachers like Meher Baba stopped speaking at all. There are true teachers of humanity and there are clever bullshitters, who engage in serial, spiritual plagiarism. I can't say with any convincing authority, who is not this but I believe I can say who is because, 'by their works ye shall know them.”

If scads of money are being thrown at you and you've got less of a history of good works than those who don't even pretend to be anything other than an opportunist, I'd say there is something wrong with you. We may fool others for a good deal of time and we might successfully fool ourselves as well but... we cannot fool the ineffable. The ineffable sees through our eyes and hears through our ears. The ineffable is in every one of us simultaneously and records and understands every thought, word and deed and the meaning and impact of each. You cannot evade or deceive the indwelling witness and silent watcher. For some, the Ferris wheel going round and round is enough. For some, every time the wheel goes round they forget all the times it went round before. I would rather see the wheel from a distance. I can hear the sound of the machinery and see the lights flashing. I can hear the distant murmur of the crowds but I am ever so glad not to be in the middle of it.

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