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On Sunday, I did a radio broadcast. I felt such a passion and fire move through me that I broke down toward the end. I couldn't help myself, it was so real in my heart at that moment and my gratitude went beyond the parameters of anything I have known before. I felt my true conviction and certainty breaking the dams of my resistance and carrying me away. In my experience, which isn't much over the long haul, I've never felt this kind of Gratitude before. I can't explain it because words are an ineffective medium for that. I realize now what I have been realizing all along, that I have the divine in my life, is more than payment enough for all the abuse I have encountered and all the weakness and doubt and stupidity that I have demonstrated; more than once.

I find myself in uncharted waters. I find myself, given that I have been lost so many times, awash in Gratitude. There is no terror or trial that I have been through that was not worth the experience a hundred times over, given that such a sense of Gratitude is priceless. It doesn't matter if all my poor efforts do not amount to anything, or that I fall away from this plane, without having come even close to accomplishing what I once imagined myself capable of, that God loves me is more than enough; more than enough.

As troubling as my days have been of late, I catch myself in a few minutes here and there, absolutely overcome with Gratitude. There is nothing happening that justifies my discontent. It is as if I am now feeling the emptiness in every heart that I pass in passing. It used to be that I would be somewhere in public and I would screen capture the environment and the life forms and a sense of the totality of it would come upon me but now... now it is as if all the life coming and going bleeds into mine and it comes close to rendering me insane. The good news is that I am already insane, so all I get is a sense of prevailing unrest at the enormity of vibrations bouncing off the walls ...but I can't even see the walls. I just know they are bouncing because they keep coming back on me, so they must be bouncing off of something, unless this really is The Truman Show.

I shouldn't give the impression that all is not well because it is, at least personally. It is the world around me that I feel. It is a sort of osmosis. What I am feeling is a blend and the result of not unlike what happens when coffee or scotch gets blended. It loses an element of quality or... it amplifies the differential on the taste buds when you don't want any differential. Sometime it compounds the injuries of the assault on the senses (grin). I'm not a scotch drinker but if I were it would be McCallan or Glenmoragie. I don't drink much coffee but I've always got some Jamaican Blue Mountain beans around. I like quality over quantity. A little of something good goes a lot further with me than a lot of something not so good and I can taste the difference. So it is a bit of a trial to experience a blend of stupidity, indifference and sensation seeking oblivion; manifested as texting, while crossing the street against the light and here comes the garbage truck.

I like quality over quantity when it comes to the ineffable as well and... one further consideration, I prefer, insist on and demand, direct presence and conversation; rituals and rites, dogma and cant, butchered and spindled scripture are not on my 'to do' list. Every argument about God and Not God are all around these things. The ineffable which is a luminous light, cloaked and shielded behind degrees of density of light, where the light of the ineffable has the highest concentration of density and force of light, remains and will forever remain beyond the reach of logic, reason, words, symbols (which are often archetypes in extension from that light) and any other medium that was, is, or ever shall be.

Far too many of us surround ourselves with the complexities of religion that have been formulated by the priest class and other metaphysical mortgage brokers for material profit. This serves two purposes. It provides an income for crass opportunists and it bathes the whole of the spiritual realm in dirty water that repels and offends the intelligent, who are repulsed by all of the violence, absurdities and lies that religion gives birth to. God simply is. God is and we are and there is no life nor light in us that is not the gift of God. Nothing more is asked of us except that we seek a deeper communion and serve at every turn where opportunity provides the chance. Everything else is handled by the ineffable. Indeed, these are also handled by the ineffable. Everything is handled by the ineffable if you believe it to be. To the degree you do not then that is added into the equation from wherever you are resident and also added in to the equation of what it takes to dispel your doubt.

If God is Love, then expressing Love is expressing God. If God is Love then it stands to reason (there are levels where reason does apply- grin) Love is the gravity of all things in suspension and the electromagnetic attraction and . Love holds it all up and it lights it all up. Love illuminates what is. Love conceals and reveals at the same time and this is something that confuses people who are controlled by the predilection for rational thought. You don't need me to tell you that Love is irrational but everything, no matter how seemingly absurd, follows particular laws. The problem is that if we are unaware of the laws, we presume that they do not exist. Lack of the knowledge of anything does not preclude the existence of it. Just because we don't know something doesn't mean it isn't present. We are hamstrung by our inability to accept something we do not understand. This is the area where faith becomes preeminent. Doubt cannot be on the menu. If the divine is limitless, it goes without saying (so I didn't say it) that the power and capacity of the divine is limitless. Our existence and all of the components of it and all of the diverse ways in which we each understand it, is measured and validated by our faith; faith moves mountains. Faith puts the mountains there in the first place.

Love and one of its primary, direct avenues of expression, 'selfless service', is the highest state of personal expression we can aspire to. I draw your attention to that sad and tedious joke that was Mother Teresa. Most of the public knows her from the PR releases that have advertised her as a icon of Love and selfless service. I suggest if you don't know the details of her behavior toward those she is trumpeted as defending and assisting, I suggest one investigate the behavior of all of those who are put forth as serving the common interest from the rarefied planes of their elevated status. I suggest one ponder those with tens of millions who give pocket change to corporations that promise to cure diseases they are engaged in creating the conditions for.

Through the medium of the world of entertainment; movies, television, music and all those abortions parading about as art, we see Love expressed and defined as primordial lust. This is where that whole 'bitches and ho's' motif comes from. It is the concerted effort to defame, diminish and profane the divine feminine. At present, in the cultural sense, it involves the feminization of the masculine into expressing itself in physical expressions of submissive, sexual engagements from the female position, in order to debase and confuse the natural order of things. The truth is that the Aquarian Age is a time in which the higher virtues of the divine feminine are ascendant and so... the dark side seeks to pervert that into the lowest common denominators of expression. This is the agenda of the elite. Forget everything else you have been told. The elite know what is coming and their whole house of cards is about to be turned into the very thing they fear the most. Justice is a female principle. If they can pervert the medium as it comes into the ascendant, then, perforce, it will be a descendant, in every sense of the word.

Personally, I have always been her servant in life after life. I seriously doubt I will make a career change at this point. This is not to say I always did the best job of it but... within the limitations of whatever I knew at the time, I did my best. It amounts to this, Love cannot be defined because everyone has their own idea of what that is and they get that definition from something inherent in their nature ...or... it is programmed into them. The latter is the one most in evidence today. Don't let your heart and mind get sucked into this morass. Love forever extends beyond the reach of anyone forever. What is the point if it doesn't go on forever into ever more fine and perfect worlds? The ambitions of this world are a poor example of what is possible for us but that is what is promoted. The idea is to distract you to the point that when you find out what you missed, you hate yourself. It is a world of false advertising and it is a spiritual war. Sides are chosen and sometimes those on the wrong side have been chosen for the job by the one who orchestrates the conflict. The point is not who appears to win from either side. The point is where you wind up in the process of figuring out what is going on. Will you figure it out? That is to be determined.

Love of the almighty will carry you through every adventure of experience to the ultimate prize because love is magnetic and it unerringly draws you toward the object of your affection. This is why Bhakti Yoga is the most expedient and effective of them all in these times. With the true practice of Bhakti, you evade every pitfall placed in the way of the uncommitted. I prefer to be committed and I hope the same is true of you.

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