Wednesday, August 03, 2016

Testing Patterns, Test Patterns and the Blood Spangled Banner.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

Well... I'm back at the moment. Rumors swirl about why I was out; all of them are wrong but that is par for the course for someone not on the course and who doesn't know that golf is a game not a sport. We've often maintained that golf courses and cemeteries should be combined to save some portion of all that wasted real estate. Once your interests are all about being on a golf course, a visit to the cemetery is not far behind.

Here at Visible Enterprises or, what I like to term as WTF? Central, many conditions and events come and go in what we have come to understand as a constant test pattern, on those nights when you can't fall asleep and the vibrating Indian's head sits there with its own version of counting sheep, which probably translates as counting coup. After The Blood Spangled Banner has stopped playing, the test, or testing pattern, if you prefer, continues.

There are some very big detail events and conditions pending at the moment. Some will come to pass and some will not. What does and does not happen is dependent on the cohesion of the collective consciousness. This is why such an effort is underway to separate us from one another, to create that house divided state where we can be set at each others throats. That great enemy of freedom and human spiritual progress, The Rothschild Family and their cabin boy front man, George Soros, are doing everything in their power to bring about managed chaos and their preferred expression of the Hegelian Dialectic. They are also targeting those who labor in the blog vineyards and streets of ever more amplified public discontent. Because of this, some of us have to step back and take a look at the subtle and less than subtle nature of concerted attack.

Not everything that happens and doesn't happen around here has to do with Visible driving off the road into the sagebrush and dry washes. Of course such things have occurred but they are not a regular test pattern, more like portions of those science fiction movies, where the image keeps going in and out of focus, or when you find yourself in a no service cellphone area. The truth of the matter is that the ineffable always prevails. The ineffable does not always prevail according to the wishes of those it prevails over or upon, regardless; you got to keep on keeping on.

There are recurrent trials that go down around here. One of them is the appearance of people who are playing the long con and who create parallel identities that they can unleash at desired moment. Then there are those who pretend to have a poor grasp of English but who have come round to be disruptive and who have been coming around here for some while, on an ever intensifying effort and spreading zombie propaganda and who have pretensions of being Jesus Christ and other nonsense. In times former, these sleazy reptiles of variating behavior patterns managed to get me to engage in a tug of war, confrontation game and that was the point of their whole operation and... still is. They are far less successful in those results though; not anymore.

So... one has to also pull back and analyze that feature too. Apropos of this, we'd like to announce here that Old Testament gobbledy gook cannot be posted in the comments section of these sites. (most of) The New Testament is fine; Thomas Merton is fine. Teilhard de Chardin is fine. Martin Luther is fine and all kinds of mystics and masters are fine. Preferable is when a reader speaks from their own mind out of the promptings of their own heart. Not preferable and unacceptable is commentary from the odious, anti human, Satanic Judaic Old Testament. Make no mistake, Judaism is Satanism and we don't want it around here. We don't want the cinderblock head flat Earthers. It could be Chardin and others have warts on them like so many frogs do but in the idea of free discourse, insofar as I can put up with it (grin), latitude is permissible.

This should be a place that is free of the orchestrated BS that is epidemic these days. This should be no indication that we believe that we don't possess some modicum of BS ourselves. It's hard to negotiate these environments without some amount of it but... we are trying to do our best. Sometimes a comment doesn't come through and I have no control over that and The Elf does the best that can be done but fish do slip through the net so, don't assume that you got rejected out of hand. Do keep in mind if you come in here with some flowing white, metaphorical beard and vengeful eyes, spouting fire and brimstone, I don't want you coming around here. I don't work for a god like this and the only god I know that operates like that is not a god but a demon. My god is a god of Love and my god is a god of forgiveness and though I know there is plenty of unfortunate chatter in the New Testament (and those portions aren't allowed here either) at least most of it is far more preferable and far more welcome here.

I recognize that I probably should have posted something like this earlier but so many things go by the wayside and not having a clear idea about what is going to be said in any posting (until I read it back) also sidesteps issues that might have gotten discussed once but never did.

I never looked at this work as grueling or inconvenient. It's what I do and there is no more to be said about that but... sometimes I just have to stop what I am doing and take a good look at it. Things are about to change dramatically in the world. It's been coming for awhile. HOW it will change and WHAT it will change into is another consideration but as we have often maintained hereabouts, most all of those two questions are affected by you and HOW you change and WHAT you change into. All useful and lasting changes are effected within. We don't need to worry about the world outside of us, only the world inside of us.

I've just been doing a lot of thinking, as well as no thinking whatsoever. Both of these are helpful. I don't believe in “this is right and that is wrong.” I believe both might be right and both might be wrong. This doesn't cover all actions and subjects. This is simply a perspective. As soon as your mind is made up about anything, you think you know and you don't; not really. One has to keep an open mind about most things because most things change and are not the same as they were, nor the same as they will be. It is what is behind all of everything that is important and which is to be sought and it cannot be known but it can know itself within you.

Among a number of annoying visitations that we get around here is one Duke Potgieter. If you've been coming here for awhile you have seen Duke appear and behave in an acceptable fashion, until he implodes and starts screaming and yelling and doing his Fundie Christian, Seig Heil dance. Duke hasn't been around for awhile; at least not under the name Duke. He wrote me an offensive email so I informed him that he is not Jesus Christ and he replied, “I have returned in order to bring about judgment as promised. Accepting me (for the living), or rejecting me (for the dead).” Lucky me, I seldom run into this kind of thing. Most of the people who come around here are intelligent, good and decent people. Some amount are not but... they are in a distinct minority and that's good news.

Still... I've had to take a long look at myself and how I have handled conditions in the past, hoping that I can make some small leap in the way I go about what I do and... there are some things going on around here that I have been noticing and I want to address them in the best possible way and not get caught up in extraneous and irrelevant events that are designed to throw me off stride. Sometimes it is better to take a few moments and invest some thought in the whole procedure. This is what I have done.

I should be much more consistent in appearance here now.

There's going to be a whole lot of shaking going on and there has been a whole lot of shaking going on. How it shakes out, 'time will tell and we shall see.'

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