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Traversing the Mountains and Valleys of Whatthefuckistan.

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Gnostics believe that there are two worlds and that the material world is ruled over by the Hebrew God and the other world is ruled over by the 'supreme' ruler, Aeon. This dovetails with my belief that the Hebrew god is the devil, inasmuch as that can be understood as the Lord of Appearances. Once one sees through the veil of appearances one no longer has to be subject to them. You create your own world of appearances, via your judgments on the definition and meaning of them. You literally weave your own future out of your expectations and the way you go about realizing them. Behavior is a big thing. It was later on during my speculations on this for the purpose of today's presentation that I came across this video:

but... of course, nothing happens by accident.

The mind is a movie projector and your feelings about what is valuable and worthy of acquisition AND the level of consciousness that you possess, determines the quality of the film you witness and your role in the movie. I choose to see it all as a dance of the divine, working out every destiny in terms of its best possibilities and potential and as an ongoing getting and losing of temporary shit. Of course, there is always a greater complexity in the outward drive for expression but at the heart of it all is a simple matrix, which rules the atomic solar systems and the external solar systems and one is either harmoniously in accord or one is inharmonious... or some imaginary point in between. What I mean is that what you imagine is what you tell yourself is so. I prefer to believe that I will be told what is so through some form of the vehicle of realization. At the same time, despite all our striving, sometimes we have to play a role. Sometimes we imagine ourselves trapped in a role and we lack the courage and conviction to step out of it. It's easier, or it seems to be, to be on a wheel. The wheel is predictable and though it ends in death and dissolution, according to the laws of physics and metaphysics, we don't think about it and Presto! It isn't there, except it is.

No matter where we find ourselves in this very moment, our lives can magically transform, once we adjust the manner in which we think and project. Nothing is real, only our thinking is behind what we create as a personal reality. All personal realities come up against cosmic reality at some point so, to me, it seems insane not to pursue cosmic reality in the first place and since you can't get beyond certain limitations without a guide, I prefer to have a guide and that guide can come in all kinds of envelopes of a particular faith, or a rejection of all faiths, or some farmer you met on a field trip to Whatthefuckistan and who took upon himself the responsibility to plow your fields and plant what you really wanted to grow but didn't have the seeds or thumb for; be it green or not.

The seemingly intricate complexity of life is generally an expression of your incapacity to get deeper than you have found yourself capable of. Sure... it is great when someone rescues you from the tumultuous seas of your own fear and doubt, on that vast restless expanse that you are, or seem to be, incapable of traversing. It is also grand when you find someone who will drag you out of your depth and down into unimaginable darkness to the luminous worlds of light. It's not rocket science and it is rocket science. It is unfathomable in its intricacy and it is as simple as child play. You are the determiner of what's required in your own case, if you insist on being the architect of something whose dimensions exceed not only anything you will ever be capable of but more than anyone else will ever be capable of and more than all the people ever created or will be created put together, then... have at it. Put yer backs into it, yew scum!!!

I'm done being a galley slave. I didn't sign on for this shit and I damn well won't follow orders, nor put myself in a position where I have to. This is not to say I don't follow orders. I certainly do but they are orders given to me from my own self and only my ignorance makes me think that there is some separation between me and myself.

We tell ourselves all kinds of lies and half truths in order to motivate ourselves along the path of possession of all the things we don't really want and we certainly find this out once we get them. I have been fortunate in this regard and even more fortunate in moving sprightly on from my mistaken affections once I found out what was going on. I do not mean this in terms of romantic affections; then again, aren't they all romantic affections? Don't we romance ourselves into all kinds of cul de sacs to get a more clear impression of ourselves that only results in clouding the mirror?

First principle; do not lie to yourself. Second principle is irrelevant ...because if you don't lie to yourself you won't lie to everyone else. In this world you can easily find all manner of people who will willingly embrace whatever lies you are telling yourself because they are doing the same thing. From this I extract that kernel of truth in the term; “misery loves company.” Presto! Once again, you have the world as we think we all know it. There is no world. There is no matter. It's like mind over matter- I don't mind and it don't matter.

Once again I would like to include that great piece by H.P. Blavatsky;

“There is a Road, steep and thorny, beset with perils of every kind, but yet a Road. And it leads to the very heart of the universe.

I can tell you how to find those who will show you the secret gateway that opens inwardly only, and closes fast behind the neophyte forevermore.

There is no danger that dauntless courage cannot conquer.
There is no trial that spotless purity cannot pass through.
There is no difficulty that strong intellect cannot surmount.

For those who win onward, there is reward past all telling: the power to bless and to save humanity. For those who fail, there are other lives in which success may come.”

Of course, she has many detractors and I am no apologist for her. I don't know her that well but... as is so often told to the reader here; take what is useful and discard the rest. This is not to say that the rest is without value, only that it may not apply to you. This is also not to say there is any value in any of it. The reader must decide for themselves and prove it through testing and experience. Never accept anything as true that you have not first proven to be so to yourself.

This world of illusionary bullshit is not all bullshit but so long as your senses dictate to you what is and is not so, you still find yourself in a world where all that you have proven to yourself is only relevant in this world. You have to go beyond, while still anchored (for a time) in this locale. It's that old lotus dynamic of... “in the world but not of it.”

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As you know, I will be looping the US come September and some of you have sent me contact info and some have not and it would be seriously dumb on my part to hit every point on the way. I would wind up circling the Earth in terms of distance. So I will be posting the route and that will be based on the density of individuals in certain locales. Should anyone want to meet up and be willing to cover some amount of distance, I will at least remain until they can but it is going to be a pretty straightforward route, east to west and north to south and then west to east. Please send your location and details to If you sent them before then send them again. We have begun putting pins in the map and I apologize for the extra work on your part but consider it from my end (grin).

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